Welcome to BEAR Predction´╝ü

The BEAR predction is a web server tool built to create models and classify labels of input data with machine learning approaches.  


The input of this tool is typically a CSV(Comma-Separated Values) file containing an OTU table.  

An OTU (operational taxonomic unit) table is a matrix that gives the number of reads per sample per OTU. Each OTU is an operational definition used to classify groups of closely related individuals.With an OTU table, techniques such as machine learning, feature selection and network analysis can be applied to better understand the relations between closely related individuals and identify each indivisual more accurately.

 Notice: Most of errors during execution of the web server are caused by submitting data with the wrong format. If you are running into execution errors. Please first check your input. Notice that the input should be in CSV(Comma-Separated Values) format.



The proceccedure of BEAR prediction is described in the below image. For the more detailed description, please

see our abstract.



The output of BEAR predction is a folder composed of the final prediction results and some important internal files and figures, including feature seletion results, Venn diagram analysise, weigthed emsemble dataset and so on.



*If your data is large (over 10MB), The processing time may be too long on the server side. You can submit a processing request to us by sending us an email with our contact information on BioComs.org.


If you want to oversample your train test, lease upload your train file in Input 1 and ignore Input 2. If you wish to use original train data (no oversample), please upload your file to Input 2 and ignore Input 1.

Input 1: Please upload your train file here (oversample)

Input 2: Please upload your train file here (original):

Input 3: Please upload your test file here: